Student Services



The team in student services is here to support the students in all aspects of their schooling.

The 2018 Student Services team: 

Program Coordinator Student Services       Dianne Heinrich

Transition Coordinator                                   Carrie Beeck

Year 7 Coordinator, from Term 2                  Kassie Miller

Year 8 Coordinator                                          Pia Gray

Year 9 Coordinator                                          Mal Ellis

Year 10 Coordinator                                        Barry Longworth

Year 11 Coordinator                                        Angela Findlay

Year 12 Coordinator                                        Andrew McWhirter

School Psychologist                                         Bree Crockett

Aboriginal Island Education Workers           Margaret James and Mandi Khan             

School Nurse                                                     Helen Perry

Workplace Learning Coordinator                  Janice Ford

Student Services Support                               Marisa Edwards and Claire Allison