School Board

In 2015, Albany Senior High School gained its Independent Public School status. This very important milestone allows for greated autonomy for the innaugural School Board, school administration and the Albany community. Together, we are guiding the future direction of Albany Senior High School. The newly acuired independent decision is allowing the Albany Senior High School to adapt to the unique demands of ASHS and the Albany Community.


School Board Members


Michael Roberts, Community Representative - Chairperson

Since Albany Senior High School achieved Independent Public School status in 2015, I have been privileged to serve the ASHS community as a founding School Board member, Vice Chairman and member of the facilities committee.


Since the inception of the Board, I have seen the members’ functions and responsibilities mature to form a cohesive and important governance role for the staff and administration of ASHS.


As an Architect based in Albany since 1994, I have been involved with various committees, boards and community forums and was a founding board member of Great Southern Grammar School.  Throughout these involvements, I have gained an understanding of the importance of developing strong partnerships with key stakeholders in Albany as well as State and Federal Government agencies. It is these partnerships which bring important community backing and support to ensure the students and staff all benefit from a professionally run and well regarded Senior High School with the very best of available resources.


As a parent of a current year 10 student and a former year 12 student at ASHS, I am passionate about maintaining the excellent standing ASHS holds in the City of Albany.


My background as an Architect, small business operator, family member and parent with a strong capacity for analysis and communication brings to the board an ability to understand the complexities of delivering effective governance for ASHS as an Independent Public School.


I look forward to hearing from Students, Staff and Parents on any matter they would like to bring to the Board’s attention.



Linda Taylor, Parent Representative

I am keen to be actively involved in the ASHS school community and joined the school board in 2016. I am a believer in, and a great supporter of, high-quality public education in Western Australia and have always been interested in the education and well-being of children and young people.


I believe that schools achieve the best outcomes when there is good communication and positive relationships between staff, students, parents and the wider community. I have gained many skills in being part of a primary school board since 2013 and been through the process of IPS review in 2015.


I am a long time Albany resident and attended ASHS myself for five years. Besides raising my children and running a household, I work as a casual Education Assistant in the Primary School sector so have insight into the education system both as a worker and as a parent.


I currently have two children attending ASHS, one who graduated in 2017 and another who will begin in 2018 so I have many connections within the parent community, and in the wider community through my children’s sporting and leisure activities.



Anne Sparrow, Parent Representative 

As a VET learner myself, I have come to recognise the necessity to provide a wide ranging suite of educational opportunities, along with the capacity to deliver them while allowing for the different learning styles of students. I feel strongly about acknowledging the equal importance of both the ATAR and General Pathway streams of learning in today’s generation.


I would love to see ASHS build more relationships with other training organisations and educational institutions to further enhance learning and career opportunities for ASHS students.


I am a Mother of two daughters who has previous experience as a board member in a rural senior high school. It’s from that rural perspective that I look for opportunities to improve and make those transitions easier for our rural students.


My own learning journey found me finishing my TAE to go on to Art studies but then followed a career in the rural and hospitality sectors. Upon discovering I have a hidden ability to write, organise things and “make stuff happen”, I went back to learning to achieve Cert IV’s in Training and Assessment, Business, and Leadership and Management as well as a Diploma in Project Management. I look forward to taking the Business qualification through to Degree in 2018.


I have spent the last 10 years working in the community not-for-profit sector, and I feel I bring to the Board out of the square approaches to problem-solving.



Dan Northcott, Parent Representative - Deputy Chairperson

Joined School Board – April 2017


I currently have a daughter in Year 9 at ASHS and another daughter in Year 5 at Albany Primary.


I have spent the last 25 years working in the Golf Industry running both retail and wholesale distribution businesses. Since moving back to Albany in 2012, I have worked at the Albany Golf Club managing the Pro Shop along with Teaching.


My interest in joining the school board has been driven by a desire to give back to the community where I grew up along with establishing a better understanding of how the school operates.


I offer the school board a level headed and thoughtful approach to all decision making matters and look forward to contributing towards a successful and positive future for the school.




Nichola Thompson, Staff Representative 

My name is Nicky Thompson, and I am one of the staff representatives on the School Board.  I have been teaching Science at ASHS for about 20 years and am passionate about getting students to achieve their potential.


I was interested in joining the board to find out more about how decisions are made within the school, particularly those impacting directly on staff and students. It has given me an insight as to how educational data and department initiatives are used to drive the development of school business plans and the financial workings of the school. Discussing ideas and issues relating to education, finance, capital improvements, school promotion through social media, relationships between community groups, ASHS Alumni and the ASHS Centenary has been both interesting and enlightening.


I look forward to the rest of my tenure on the School Board.



Robert Quinn, Staff Representative

I have been teaching for 16 years across the state from Australind to Harvey, out to Kalgoorlie then back in to Mandurah, up to Karratha and finally back home to Albany. Through my experiences, I have gained a unique perspective of government school education in WA. I have been involved in the teaching, support of students and administration in almost every type of schooling format on offer and I know the challenges faced by us as a school but I also know what makes ASHS a fantastic place for students to be.


I am a graduate and ex-prefect of Albany Senior High School, and as such it has a special significance to me and being part of the School Board is a natural progression of being involved in the direction of the school. I am hoping that I can be a conduit of not only the staff but also anyone in the extended school community that wants a part of making ASHS a better place while at the same keeping our traditions alive.


Currently, I can be found in the Physical Education office, Maths classroom and even taking a Digital Technologies class. I also find time to coach the Country Week Girls Basketball team and help out with other activities going on in the PE area.




Stephen Mounsey, Staff Representative

Emma Doughty, Community Representative

Albany may not be where I was born, but I consider it to be my home.  

Professionally I have been in the healthcare sector for over 20 years, with a background across the public, not-for-profit and profit industries.  Each has given me vast learnings and experience, all of which I value.  I started my career with a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management which has since led me on different paths – from policy development within the mental health sector, to project managing the changeover of significant computer systems within hospitals. My most rewarding experience has been in strategic planning and the future proofing of health care expansion.

I have been afforded opportunities to lead, provide strategic guidance and assist in establishing new ventures.  These experiences have seen me work with some fantastic leaders and future thinkers, but also be involved in chairing and leading various high-level committees. 

Personally, I am involved in the community as an active board member of the Albany Community Foundation.  The difference that can be made to people's lives and community groups through the work by the Foundation is amazing, and I am privileged to be part of it.  Through my involvement in ACF, I have garnered further appreciation for the circumstances in which people find themselves.

In addition to ACF, I have started a new journey as a Councillor with the City of Albany: I believe firmly in the broader community and look forward to the challenges and rewards in being a representative for people and businesses.  

I consider youth to be our future leaders and to be part of shaping their future and their engagement with the community is why I am looking forward to being a part of the Albany Senior High School Board.



Jenny Firth, Principal

Education has always been my passion as it provides the keys to opportunity and personal fulfilment for everyone. Having come from a migrant working class background, education has been the catalyst for my own work and life journey, that has led me to my dream job here as Principal of Albany Senior High School.


My university studies have included a double degree in Mathematics, post graduate studies in education, science education and education management at a Masters level. I have also been fortunate to have been awarded a leadership award by the Professional Association for Principals in WA in 2014 and selected for Leading Australian Schools Program conducted through University of Melbourne Business School.


My professional career has taken me all around WA in working in schools and providing professional support for teachers and school leader. Having taken on the role as a school support officer and as an active member of professional associations I provided professional mentoring and support. I have always explored innovative ways to address issues in schools. As a maths teacher, this was by promoting student engagement including real life problem solving and activity based learning. This professional practice was shared through publications on behalf of the professional association and as an independent author.


In my role as a Principal since 2006, I have explored ways to work for the enhancement of education both in my own school but in collaboration with local primary and high schools. Being the Principal of a school in the second intake of Independent Public Schools has enabled me to explore the opportunities and develop my own skills in evidence based decision making as an autonomous school leader.


Albany Senior High School is positioned to undergo generational change, with many staff members planning to retire over the next five years, respecting the traditions of the school, while planning for innovation to engage learners to fully develop their potential, provides a significant challenge. The profile of our student and staff population is changing and provides an ideal opportunity for innovation, as we head into the next century of the school’s journey.