Bring Your Own Device

BYOD - Specifications & Software Options

Part of Albany Senior High School’s Developmental Planning involves moving to a position where students bring their own digital devises (BYOD). The integration of Information Communications Strategies (ICT) into the classroom is one of the school’s major developmental initiatives and we are seeking to support staff to make greater use of ICT in their teaching.


All student year levels are invited to bring an existing compatible device (see minimum requirements below) or purchase a reasonable quality digital device and use it throughout their schooling years. Tablets and ipads are not the recommended devices at the present time as the students need to be able to use software that is compatible with that of the school. Students will have access to desktops in ICT specific subjects, but there is no guarantee this access will be available elsewhere as our fleet of school laptops fall out of warranty and will not be replaced.


Devices for use by students and staff for the purposes of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) must meet the minimum set of requirements as outlined below. Smart Devices such as mobile phones or hybrid phone/tablets (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note series of phones), whilst capable of running Microsoft Office style applications, do not meet the minimum standards and do not fall under BYOD.


Application forms are available on the BYOD Application Forms page or from the ICT helpdesk in the school library. Devices and completed agreement forms are to be delivered to the library ICT helpdesk for processing and inclusion on the school network. All BYOD devices will be identified with a tamperproof sticker.


NOTE: Changes to the Mobile Phone policy allow for the use of such devices by students in the classroom under direct instruction by the teacher – however, they are not authorised to access to the school network. Any device discovered accessing the network without authorisation will be blocked from future access.

Please note: The use of product names and/or trademarks does not imply endorsement of products by the school or the Department of Education.


BYOD Specifications