Day 1 2018



Centenary Update - 18 May 2018


As our Centenary celebrations approach, there is a great deal of work happening behind the scenes. 


1. Centenary Boronia

We have met with the publishers, and significant work has been undertaken on completing this. The Centenary Boronia will be hardcover and available for sale during Centenary celebrations. Current and ex-students are undertaking this work, admirably. Our publisher is impressed with work done, layout and inclusions planned.


2. Open Day

ASHS Staff have completed planning for Open Day activities. An overview has been developed and will continue to be worked on to deliver the day. Key highlights include:

  • Digital History Walk.
  • Official opening at 11 – The Minister for Education and Training invited and Mayor and School Board Chair to be invited.
  • Tours of the school
  • The cafeteria will be open for guests
  • Uniform display
  • Bus to pick up the community at designated times to save traffic congestion
  • Decade overviews
  • That was then, this is now – contrasting classrooms
  • Learning area displays: Outdoor Ed & Marine and maritime, 3D printing, photography, jewellery, art exhibition, quizzes, chemistry demonstrations, microscopy activities, DNA extraction, technology, and netting demonstrations at the yacht club – 10-2pm.
  • ASHS building plans and  school merchandise
  • Alumni sign up table


3. Hong Kong Reunion

Work underway for this to occur – previous students of the Hong Kong program are invited to lunch at HYBLA 

4. Music Performance

Hosted at the AEC, a significant production showcasing ASHS music with students, current and past, featuring in performances.

5. Centenary Ball

Has been costed, and an overview of the event developed.  Tickets will be $150 and include a delicious cocktail menu, tea, coffee, soft drink and a limited edition Centenary pin.

Thanks to everyone for work undertaken so far.

All profit from any event will be directed to the School Building Fund.