Year 7 and 8 Beach Days

This year saw 140 students assemble each day at Middleton Beach for the annual Beach Days on 20 and 22 March. Students enjoyed Sandcastles, Body Boarding, Soccer, Football, Swimming, Beach Walking, Cricket, Surfing, Volleyball, Bocci, Flags, and Quoits. Whilst Physical Education staff managed the water activities the Year 11 and 12 Certificate II students ran the on beach activities, as well as cooking and serving the younger students lunch. 

Thank you to all the Year 7 and 8's who were eligible to attend the beach day in completing the PE Swimming program and keeping their good standing.  Another thank you to the PE Staff for setting up for the days activities in the early hours of the day and helping run great carnivals. Last thank you to the rostered staff that came down from school to help out.